Wednesday, 2 March 2011

All this, and iPad 2!

Just watched the Apple iPad 2 launch event. Nice to see it thinner and lighter and the addition of the cameras would be good for Skype assuming it works with Skype.

Garageband will be nice to see, and the boost in CPU is welcomed but other than that not much for musicians, especially no USB or SD.

Glad to see the screen res remained as devs are strugling with 3 resolutions as it is.

iOS 4.3 doesn't bring much for me. Just hope the USB power limit gets raised again for MIdI devices etc.

HDMI sounds fine and all that, but my current iPad boasted VGA output with the purchased cable. I have tried 4 monitors, 1 TV and a projector and not a single one works with my iPad.

Most impressive is the cute screen cover thing. Wonder how, exactly, the hinge attaches with magnets?

So generally a nice incremental update and not so much that I feel like selling a body part to upgrade. Of course if my bank balance ever supports it then it will be hard to resist!


  1. The current iPad doesn't mirror anything through the VGA adapter, maybe that was the reason why it wasn't work. If you run the Photos app for example, it outputs the photo only if you start a slideshow.

  2. Current VGA output only works with apps that support it-- photos, movies, YouTube, keynote iirc, and some 3rd party.

    Hdmi video mirroring will actually mirror the display, working with everything.