Wednesday, 9 February 2011

BS-16i now with CoreMIDI

I've tweeted about this, but I want to get some detail in.

I got BS-16i when it first came out with hardly any fanfare. Almost no-one mentioned it. But here was an iOS synth that uses soundfonts in SF2 format. I nearly wept! Also added along the way was the ability to load and play MIDI files. Fan-flipping-tastic!

So you load up a soundfont, choose a MIDI channel (e.g. 1-9 for instruments, 10 for drums etc.) and play away.

Now the new version supports Core MIDI on the iPad and I am blown away. I loaded up a 32mb GM soundfont and plugged my Novation Remote25 in and set it to the GM template.

I wasn't sure what to expect but literally EVERYTHING worked as it should from the keyboard:
  • Patch select
  • Pitch and Mod wheels
  • All mapped GM CC controls, including
  • Portamento on/off and time knob
  • Mono/poly switch
  • Filter cutoff and resonance
  • Chorus
  • Reverb
  • ADSR
  • Midi channel select
I didn't have to set up anything. It was just like someone had slapped a sound module into my keyboard. The only thing I couldn't use was the MMC controls (Play/Pause etc. ) so that would be cool to see.

Now there are a couple of bugs - the occasional note doesn't sound but the MIDI got through (the on-screen key moves) but it is rare - but for the price if you want a way of using your soundfont collection without your PC then this is it. There are loads of amazing free soundfonts out there, it's not just GM :o)

It is so good I am tempted to buy a Line 6 midi mobilizer so I can use it on my iPhone too!

I wonder how much it would be pushing it to allow display/edit/record of midi tracks? The sound engine is there and the MIDI playback is there...

Anyway, I reckon everyone should buy it and give this developer the credit they deserve for their mobile efforts.

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