Saturday, 4 July 2009

iPod with OS 3.0 - mixed emotions!

A couple of things to report on since upgrading my iPod Touch to OS 3.0

Firstly I can now have a whole 11 pages of icons. Whoopie do :o( Still got to have loads of my apps uninstalled or hidden from view.

Secondly quite a few of my music apps have issues and updates are not yet out (or even announced in some cases). makes no Wivi Band glitches horribly. MixDex doesn't work. A few other apps have pops and crackles.

Thirdly, and this is a Good Thing (TM), my external microphone (Macally iVoice Pro 3) now has proper volume control when it is in use. Prior to OS 3.0 if the mic was plugged in, the volume control of the iPod (when you double-click the home button) had no effect and the volume was fixed (and too low). Now it works as it should so apps like Wivi Band, Ocarina, Vocoder SV5 etc all have a decent volume that I can control. Yayyyyyy!