Thursday, 22 July 2010

While my guitar gently bleeps

What a great time for mobile guitarists! Barely a week goes by without another iOS app for axe ministers and right now the fight for FX king is well and truly on. Although only just now overtaking the benchmark set a few years ago by Pocket PC based Pocket Stompbox, iOS apps have rapidly gone from simple delay and distortion to fully fledged stomp box, amp and cab simulators. I've tried just about all of them and at the moment my top two are Riot FX and the recently released Amplitube iRig. IRig is considerably pricier, but worth the money IMHO. IK Multimedia have just released the iPad version, which is a separate app also priced at $20, which is a little disappointing for those who have already forked out the same for the iPhone version. A universal app would be much more welcomed I'm sure, but you can run the iPhone version on the iPad in Zoom-o-vision of course. As iRig comes with what I think is a great fun Wah Wah simulator I'll be trying to think of a way to latch my iPhone onto me whilst playing - maybe one of those sports armband case things on my foot :)

Recently a "dream come true" arrived in the shape of iShred Live, a live input version of THE BEST guitar sim on any device. I've wanted this from the moment the original iShred came out. Unfortunately the competition is so fierce that iShred Live is not yet a front-runner in the live FX stakes. I hope it will become one.

Still to come is Ampkit, with accompanying hardware to rival IK's hardware/software combo. Interestingly the Ampkit hardware is battery powered which the makers claim will provide less crosstalk and feedback. As I'm not flush enough to buy both I'll be looking for reviews keenly to see which is best for my meagre buck (or should I say pound?!)

Mentions should also go out to the various other apps that have graced my iDevices in the search for FX heaven - stompvox, effectorlite, amps&cabs and GuitarFx deluxe.

Links and pics to come.