Monday, 31 October 2011

My first video - Monotron loves iPhone

Wow, that was stressful! Much respect to anyone who creates videos with externally recorded audio!

Anyway, my original title was going to be "Korgs and Moogs and autotune - oh my!"

So I had some crazy ideas of how to have fun with my Monotron and a few iOS apps and here is the result. It would be cool to see people take these ideas and show what happens if you add talent to the mix :o) Let me know if you post a video.

Enjoy! Video on Youtube


Saturday, 15 October 2011


Dear Korg,

iKaossilator is a blast! Love it to bits and have lost hours of my life over the last day or so just jamming. Any chance of:

* Manually set tempo to 2 decimal places - I find the tap tempo a bit hit and miss
* Arpeggiator patterns like on the Kaossilator
* Real time global loop length or loop retrigger
* Audio rendering of loops then audio copy/paste with iCloud support