Sunday, 30 January 2011

My ideal DJ app

I have a vision of a "perfect" DJ app for iOS. Funny thing is, I think all of the features currently exist in various apps, but not altogether in one. What do you think?

* iPod library access (a must have - and many do!)
* Realistic turntable simulation (see Flare Scratch and Tap.DJ)
* Dual stereo audio out (Red Bull BPM has this through streaming to a second device)
* Useful multi-FX and filters with XY pad control (Looptastic has this)
* Access to DLNA/UPnP devices for tracks over WiFi (Plugplayer has this)
* Multiple cue/loop points saved with the song (Tap.DJ again)
* Adjustable crossfader curves (Red Bull BPM)
* EQ plus kills (Red Bull BPM)
* BPM control - syncing etc. (Quite a few, but Red Bull BPM stands out)
* Mix recording (DJay, Tap.DJ)
* Pitch bend (Djay, Red Bull BPM)

I know there's loads of other apps out there, and I know some of those mentioned do other things, but those are the features and apps that immediately came to mind.

As with Guitar FX apps, I am holding out for something near to my "ideal" before splashing out in a bigger way (cash is tight!). I've got Flare, Tap.DJ, Looptastic and Sonosaurus Rex as well as the free version of Red Bull BPM. I haven't tried DJay (no lite version to try) and haven't yet made the jump to the full Red Bull BPM Pro. At the moment Tap.DJ is sucking up most of my time.


  1. Strangely enough, I've been thinking much along the same lines myself. I've been considering the Red Bull app too, but so far am put off by the number of taps to get to track load screen. I like their inventive use of another iOS device for stereo cueing though. I was disappointed by much of TapDJ and has been filed to the back of my app selection, simply because it feels far too gimmicky to be of any use...especially since there's no split cue option and the calibration of the pitch sliders leaves a lot to be desired....that said, the scratch sound is very good. I'm interested to see what cUe.Play.DJ v1.6 brings in Feb.

  2. Yeah, has a few flaws. I've emailed suggestions to them before including the ones you mentioned. I really want DLNA access even if it's just track import - I don't have space for all my music on my iPad and don't want to be firing up a PC to sync stuff across when the protocols are already there i othe apps.

  3. Sonorasaurus has effects, also recording on the iPad version. So do DJay and Quixpin. I think most have EQ filters these days. Quixpin has kills though as well as pitch bend, BPM sync. Touch DJ also has the bpm sync and pitch bend. DJ Mixer has pitch independent shifting though.

  4. cue play dj update is due to hit any time, already submitted. is ok for
    the kiddies at $2 packs in a lot of features and but cue is only thing close to pro right now. I hope they fixed the glitches on loops.. it was really the only thing holding it back from being performance ready.

  5. How can i contact you please? I'd like to send some cool stuff personally.

  6. Best way is A PM through