Monday, 10 August 2009

Ports I'm awaiting

Porting an app always sounds like such a simple idea, after all you've got the assets already right? Ok, sure you may have to change the resolution of some images, or change the sound format and quality of a few samples, and obviously there may be extra features of one platform, such as accelerometer and touch screen, or no buttons, and of course a finger-touch device needs a different interface to a stylus-touch device to a mouse-driven device to a keyboard-driven device, and it goes without saying that the RAM and storage will be different, and who would expect binary compatability with an entirely different OS and CPU, and .... oh, maybe it's not such a simple job. But anyway, those trivial things aside, I'd love to see the following make an appearance on the iPhone:

  • CellDS
  • GlitchDS
  • Griff
  • Pocket Stompbox
  • MeTeoR
  • DS10 (heh heh)
  • ProteinDS
Anyone know if any of these are pending?


  1. I wish too. For me, Griff and MeTeoR would be my top 2 followed by DS-10.

    We can hope right?

  2. Griff with a playable keyboard would be superb