Friday, 20 February 2009

List of mini projects

This is probably more about reminding me, but in the coming weeks I'll be posting about some fairly simple (well if I can do it...) hardware/software projects I've completed recently:

  • Passive 3 input stereo mixer that was oh so nearly free
  • Split input cable for PDA to allow line in (mono) and stereo out (works with Loox 720 and Glofiish X500 using 4-pole 3.5mm to 2.5mm adapter). I needed this for the awesome Pocket StompBox software I bought as well as being useful for the fabulous 12 track pocket DAW MeTeoR.
  • Using Saitek P8000 with Virtual DJ.
  • Multi-touch input device for the PC using a cardboard box, some paper and a webcam (infintely better than it sounds and dead simple if you follow the instructions on the website I found!)

Now all I need is some time. Who came up with the crazy idea of working for a living?


  1. I keep meaning to ask you how you got your Loox to connect to the Boss Micro BR.

  2. The Loox has the wonderful (and sadly rare) feature of supporting USB host. So you can plug anything USB into the bottom connector (like a dock connector - I've got a 3rd party one with female USB hanging off it). Things like USB memory sticks, hard drives and game pads seem to work fine. The Micro BR just appears as a "hard disk" in Explorer (I actually use Total Commander though). I can then copy the tracks off really quickly without having to dismantle the BR to get the memory card out! Obviously you have to export the tracks as WAV files in the BR first. But then it's straight into MeTeoR for multi-track goodness. So far no multi-track apps on the iPod have tickled my fancy enough to explore using FTP or similar to get stuff on there.

    Wonder why there are no apps on the iPod as good as:

    * MeTeoR
    * Pocket Stompbox
    * Griff